Oftentimes I find myself really hungry at night – hungry and craving for more.  I know enough about myself to know that I am most definitely craving FOUR more, for sure.  I’m craving more Life, more Light, more warmth, more companionship, more rest, more love…so much more.  I’m craving more knowledge, more experience, more memories.  These cravings and desires most routinely surface in the evening – the dark hours of the day.  I believe that to be true for many others as well.  It’s as if there is a bewitching hour – or if we are unable to fill ourselves completely and receive enough Light throughout the day, we seek something else to fill that emptiness.

I also know enough about myself that I am certain there are times when this hunger is not only psychological, spiritual, and emotional, but it is a physiological hunger too.  My body just needs more!  No matter how much more my soul needs to be fed, the little stature that surrounds just needs a bit more too.

That said, the foods I crave and need, work in tandem to satisfy some of my emotional desires.  I like crunch – I like texture – I like big and full and bountiful.

photo 2

Fruit (apples for my “bite out of life” sensation) – and lots of it – berries for some extra sweet; nuts for the extra crunch, control, and attitude I need in my Life; and any and all types of nut butter for the creamy softness that is so a part of me.  A BIG bowl.  That’s what I need.

photo 3

**We all know I despise bananas, but I made Marc a great big bowl of satisfaction recently too – these are his big bowl photos!

photo 4

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