The creamy deliciousness of ripe avocados is pretty hard to beat.  The immense satisfaction of the buttery green across your lips both satisfies and delights, yet among those feelings of satisfaction, you’re often left with the feeling of wanting more…more wanting more…and more…and more.

Great!  It’s an avocado.  Fill ‘er up, please.IMG_2208

Traditionally, it seems, most folks consume their avocados in the form of guacamole.  While there’s nothing wrong with that ~ or maybe on a sammie with some turkey and bacon, now that I think about it ~ why not get a little more creative?

I’ve read about fabulous restaurants in the area and beyond offering a mini sampler of things like beer, wine, hard cider, and even super duper ice cream (Salt & Straw – thanks, Portland) – a “flight” of tastes, if you will.

So, why not a Flight of Avocados?IMG_2209

Both savory and sweet tastes await.IMG_2210

Lemon Basil Avo Dip

1 large ripe avocado
1 Tbs. fresh basil, minced
1 clove roasted garlic, smashed
1 Tbs. lemon juice
Sea salt

Mash all the ingredients together and serve, scoop, or savor.IMG_2211

Rosemary Blue Cheese Avo Spread

1 large ripe avocado
1 Tbs. fresh rosemary, minced
2 Tbs. crumbled blue cheese

Mash all ingredients together and serve.  Top with fresh blueberries as well, if you so desire.

And, of course, the best for last…

Avo Choco Mousse

1 large ripe avocado
1 Tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1 Tbs. raw honey
1 Tbs. fresh ground peanut butter (optional)
Sea salt

Mash all ingredients together, including the peanut butter or almond butter if you’re feeling really crazy.  Spoon directly over your lovely lips.  I dare you NOT to!


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