I was absolutely thrilled to be tagged to participate in this fun little deal-e-o last week by my wonderful friend PaleoinPDX.  Thanks, Alisa.  (And, by the way, she’s now Facebook famous, as Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness mentioned her post and spread the happiness and fun around the interweb world).

Anyway, I love learning fun little facts about folks.  So, here’s your chance to learn a bit more about me.

The A to Z of Me

A.  Attached or Single?
Attached.  Married 10 years YESTERDAY!


B.  Best Friend?
He is my Life and will be there forever.

C.  Cake or Pie?
That’s a toughie.  Neither, really.  No one in my family has ever been a big cake fan (other than Dad’s yellow cake with Droste chocolate frosting for his birthday).  And, I’m really strange in that I don’t care for cooked fruit – yes, I’m very picky when it comes to fruit – and most pies involve cooked fruit.  So, when push comes to shove, I’ll pick Alisa’s Paleo Coconut Carrot Cake.  I do prefer something not so sweet though…I suppose I have too much sweetness in other areas of my life, right?

D.  Day of Choice?
Any day that I don’t have to work and can be OUTSIDE in the SUN!!!  Thank you, Colorado.

E. Essential item?

  • Beauty: coconut oil, it’s the best moisturizer, and has a plethora of uses.
  • Clothing: I simply cannot live without my J. Brand jeans.  I have a funky body, and they are the only brand that seem to fit – like a glove.  I love them.
  • Food: everyone knows this about me – I’m crazy for kale and apples.  BUT, things are changing…stay tuned for more excitement in terms of my palate.  It’s pretty great.  (Oh, and of course I can’t live without coconut butter and almond butter and almonds…all mixed together).

F. Favorite Color?
Blue.  That seems to be common among the players.

G.  Gummy Bears or Worms?
Definitely neither.  Yuck.  I have a interestingly vivid memory of my sister and I trying out gigantic gummy rats at one point in our childhood.  Yes, gummy rats.  Needless to say, after a little taste of the tail, I believe both items promptly went into the trash.

H.  Home Town?
Boulder, CO.  Oh how I love Boulder.  You can’t beat those Flatirons.  Gorgeous EVERY DAY.

I.  Favorite Indulgences?
I don’t really “do” indulgences in that I don’t believe in deprivation – Yet, I don’t ever crave things that are “no nos” anyway.  So, I suppose this question doesn’t really apply, other than the fact that we all know I can really over do it when it comes to fresh, delicious juicy fruit…paired with…coconut butter, almond butter, and crunch almonds.  Yep, that’s it!


J.  January or July?
Well, I’m not a fan of the heat and I detest being cold – I guess I can’t win on this one.  I suppose, if I’m snuggled up warm inside in front of a toasty fire, watching the snow gently fall, I love January.  If I’m sitting on the patio in the shade, feeling the cool breeze of a fan across my shoulders, sipping a kombucha, I’ll take July!

K.  Kids?
I have the classic American dream, along with a white picket fence, in my heart.

L.  Life Isn’t Complete Without?

M.  Marriage Date?
August 18, 2003 ~ Wedding Date: October 18, 2003.
He has two chances each year to remember.  The question is…does he actually remember?


N.  Number of Siblings?
Just one – my dear older sister.  Three years apart.  We were little cuties, and became beautiful brides.


O.  Oranges or Apples?
There really is absolutely no need for this question.  I adore, ADORE, apples, of course!
Pink Lady is my ultimate go to ~ but the heirloom varieties I discovered in the PNW last fall won my heart, most specifically the sweet Mountain Rose.


P.  Phobias?
I am a self-proclaimed germaphobe.  However, as I’m currently living out of my element and have very little control of my surroundings, my issues with germs have pretty much disappeared.  Well, I should say, my obsession with eliminating them in every which way has disappeared.  I definitely still prefer a neat and tidy neck of the woods.

Q.  Quotes?
I find reading the favorite quotes of others and those shared throughout social media streams most enjoyable and rather inspiring.  However, for some undistinguished reason, I have difficulty recollecting those that have been most touching or those I believed to have had an effect.  Perhaps embarrassing, or maybe I’m just so darn inspiring myself that referencing the musing of others is a somewhat needless task.  Not likely.  Either way, I do love to hear the words, “Go forth and be awesome.”  Thanks, Jason.

R.  Reasons to Smile?
Oh boy, I give at least ten reasons to smile every Awesome Ending Friday.  No matter what, there is always a reason to smile.  Even when we are in the deepest darkest moments in our life, we must look up, into the Light, and see the blessings that surround us every moment of every day.

S.  Season of Choice?
Fall.  Hands down.  Crisp, cool, colorful.  It’s perfect.


T.  Tag 5 People.
Well, PaleoinPDX and CinnamonEats are my go-to girls for tagging – and thanks for that, both Alisa and Naz.  I enjoyed reading your A to Z posts last week so very much.  So, to take the phrase from Naz, I tag you all!  I’d love to hear the alphabet of your life any day.

U.  Unknown Fact About Me.
I have a fairly LARGE tattoo…

V.  Vegetable?
I’ll take that plural…vegetables.  Yes, please.  I love them.  I eat them – almost all of them.  No beets, but extra kale for me!


W.  Worst Habit?
Worry.  That’s a ‘w’ too.  I am a terrible worry wart.  It wastes far too much of my life on earth.

X.  X-Ray or Ultrasound?
I certainly prefer NEITHER.  One or the other, it’s a sign that something is not right.  I’ve had my share of both of the two.  Let’s just stay out of the doctor’s office.

Y.  Your favorite food?
Oh my gosh…I love apples, I love kale, I love almond butter, I love coconut butter, I love almonds, I love Brussels sprouts, I love homegrown tomatoes, I love peaches, I love berries.  Oh, and I do love good old meat too, believe it or not.

Z.  Zodiac Sign?
Sagittarius!  Free Spirit.


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  1. Loved reading this and am so glad you participated! It’s fun learning more about one another. And happy anniversary — that’s so wonderful! Cheers to you both. The gummy rats gave me a good chuckle, by the way!

    Thanks for playing 🙂

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