Piggybacking off of the previous post about how Facebook is killing our brains, I found this little article both extremely well written (obviously enough to share), and downright fascinating.


A Trip to Camp to Break a Tech Addiction – NYTimes.com.

The description of Camp Grounded and the spa retreat nestled away in nature, absent the chaos of life and technology, sounds utterly fantastical and blissful in this day and age – at the exorbitant “day and age” spa price, no doubt.  While I absolutely smile inside at the thought of “unplugging” and see it as vitally necessary for so many of us – myself included – $300 a day for that?  Really?  Why not just put the phone down and take a walk to the park, sit on a park bench, watching the ducks swim at the pond, quietly meditating and enjoying a little home-packed snack.  I suppose not everyone is capable of doing so – capableaddicted.to.technology.

Lately I’ve been “forgetting” to bring my phone along for trips outside the house.  At first the neglect of my little Siri (actually, my outdated iPhone lacks Siri’s love – she wasn’t born yet when I acquired my hand-held “iWonder”) was absolutely intentional.  Unplugging for only an hour or so, while out and about was somewhat freeing.  Eventually, now though, my mind has become so distracted with other aspects of life when I’m out, than I honestly do forget to bring her along.  Kind of nice, at times.


That’s not to say that I don’t have improvements to make.  Waiting for things is not my forte – after all, my attention span is apparently now only 140 characters…checking Facebook and Instagram – or Tweeting while watching TV (not that the television is something that deserves my attention either – but you get the point) are all on my list of habits to break.

The bottom line – bringing my muse today into focus – is that it soothes my heart to know that there exists an effort to “help” folks unplug and seek out their inner bliss.  Yet, at the same time, it really saddens me that it comes at such a monetary cost.  We are so addicted to technology that we need help – much like entering treatment for substance abuse.  Technology abuse.  Just one more thing that we Americans have overdone.  We really are good at extremes.

I’m SO looking forward to unplugging – getting away very soon – a trip to The Cabin – where cell phone service is few and far between and internet simply does not exist.  A day in THE SUN, enjoying the view of the Rocky Mountains, and listening only to the breeze in the trees.  My favorite sound on earth!


Thanks for the photo, Dad!

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