I walked through the concourse, down to the very end of the terminal, catching a glimpse of the plane I was to board outside through the window.  Tiny.  Puddle jumper.  Just great…I moaned to myself.  You see, I am a terrible flyer.  Motion sickness would be an understatement.  I will not actually vomit, as I’m also rather “vomit phobic.”  The mess really does not fit into my standards of cleanliness and OCD.  But, I do become awfully ill at at unwanted movement.  In fact, I’ve made myself ill in the driver’s seat before – strange, I know.

I envisioned a sweaty brow, clenched fists, and a queasy stomach at takeoff, lasting throughout the entire flight, only to be worsened by the inexorable stench of stale air and poor coffee – and then a bumpy landing.  NOT today.  “Today is a a really important day.  I can’t lose it.  I have to feel great and look great!”


After noting my trepidations to a friend via text, just a few moments later he responded, “It will be great.  Small planes weigh less so they stay up in the air easier.  See, always a positive side.”

Oh, this made me smile – even laugh a bit.

And, as it was, the plane ride (to and from on this trip) was a breeze.

As I settled into the departure, feeling confident that THIS WAS GOING TO BE  A SMOOTH FLIGHT, my row-mate (I suppose that would be the term for the man sitting in the seat directly beside me) began to chat a bit.  He was flying for business – living in one city and working for three weeks at a time in another.  Oh brother.  I know others who play that game.  It’s certainly not for me.
We talked about the reason for my flight.  A job interview.  Oh congratulations.  Wait, you already have a job and you’re interviewing for another.  Why, that’s an embarrassment of riches!


This man was so utterly correct.  I have an embarrassment of riches in my life.  Not only did I survive a fantastic day trip, with the opportunity to reconnect with a dear friend after 14 years, I am so richly blessed and favored each and every day.  We all are!  Look around.  Smell the flowers – savor the colors – listen to the air (yes, listen to the fresh air).  Enjoy life.  Be grateful.  Live Life.

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