I discovered this absolutely amazing Ted Talk a few weeks ago.    Considering the fact that I am a well-known worry wart and super duper stress case ~ sometimes I describe myself as a little hummingbird, buzzing about with worry, stress, anxiety, and simple busyness…I don’t like to be idle ~ Kelly’s words had a profound impact on me.

Of corse I’ve been led to believe, along with everyone else, that stress is BAD for me.

Could it be possible, that changing the way I look at stress and its impact on my life could be the answer?

Indeed, it IS possible.

Meditation works, of course, for a multitude of reasons.  We should all be meditating to enhance our lives, center and ground ourselves, and to prosper.
But what else?

Change your lifechange your outlooklearn to appreciate your stress:

[ted id=1815]
Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend | Video on TED.com.

Rather than take my word for me, watch and listen for yourself.

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