I mentioned a few weeks ago in an Awesome Ending Fridays post how excited I was to begin reading the childhood gem, Sahara Special.  The avid reader I have always been, I was profoundly interested in delving into this fantastical and sweet little tale of which I’d never even heard until recently.  I knew the hype and anticipation would be met with great reward, as the recommendation came from a most trust source – this woman is one smart fig newton and she knows her stuff!
Boy, she was right.  This book is darling – heartwarming –
I so adore the author’s name – the way the three words trill off the tongue sequentially and sing to my ears.  “Esme.  Raji.  Codell.”  And, she paints such vivid imagery with hysterical, yet so realistic internal and spoken dialogue.  The story is REAL.


The tale speaks to me so, as my childhood was most blessed by my school days.  I simply loved (and still do in every way) learning.  Gathering, growing, and filling up with new information and knowledge exhilarates and fulfills me all at once.  The challenge and satisfaction of garnering new information forms my aspiration for more.

As I chuckled through the pages, I began to dogear some of my most favorite descriptives – the words jumping off the page to form colorful and dynamic pictures in my mind.

– Writing messages to their teacher, “Miss Pointy,” most of the students made either simple remarks, such as “I like recess” or “I want a game cube for my birthday.”  These were messages the children wanted Miss Pointy to know.  One snarky student penciled, “you better watch your back.”
Sahara’s note to her teacher, coupled with Miss Pointy’s three word response, truly made my heart melt:

“I am a writer.”

“I believe you.”

Thank you to those in my life who believed in me.

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