10 AWESOME Things:

1.  Encouraging friends – it’s awesome knowing someone cares.
2.  Cult followings.  Strange – unrealistic – but still pretty awesome.
3.  Sara Bareilles – Breathe Again.  Gorgeous and inspiring, and, of course, awesome.
4.  Big men carrying tiny toy puppies.
5.  Laughing even though it feels like there is just no hope.
6.  Alive and Radiant Veggie Krunch.  Oh my…not just kale chips anymore – sweet greens!!!  I’m in trouble…

7.  Unsolicited hugs – and listening ears.  Thank you.
8.  Beyonce.  We all must admit it;  she’s pretty darn talented;  she’s pretty darn awesome.
9.  Kraut.  Yes, kraut.  It had to be said after this week.  I love kraut.
10.  Raw Cookie Dough Brownie Bites.  They are AWESOME…recipe to come 🙂


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