I had a super duper busy week this week!!  Things were crazy and awesome (in Austin)!  My list highlights some pretty awesome things from both this week and the end of last…

1.  Girls Night Out!  Dinner with girlfriends – and grass-fed burgers to boot!

2.  Home-made pastured half n’ half yogurt.  Doesn’t it sound creamy and dreamy?   I can’t wait to try, Alisa!

3.  11 cup food processors from Cuisinart.  Sometimes (almost all the time), you just need the bigger bowl.  By the way, we used to refer to this as the…”squeeze and fart.”  A high level of maturity here, yes, I know.  Oh, and I love the cherry red.


4.  93 degree days in the middle of April.  Yes, it happens somewhere in this country.

5.  Sweet dreams.  Don’t you just love waking up from an awesome dream – and beginning your awesome day?!?

6.  Decomposition Books, especially when gifted from the best of friends!


7.  Sky blue nail polish.  I love it.  Blue is one of my favorite colors – and when I look down and see it painted on my fingernails, with a glossy sheen, it just makes me smile.

8.  Instagram!  I recently jumped on the bandwagon for both Instagram and Twitter.  I’m not a rapid poster (it takes me some time to manipulate and organize the posts), nor do I frequently update, but I feel like both of these social media avenues are even more exciting than…shall I dare say it…Facebook!  #awesome

9.  Days off from work.  I’m not currently in a position where I have true “weekends,” with Saturdays and Sundays off from work.  So, any day where I don’t have to report to work, whether it be in the middle of the week or not, is pretty darn awesome.

10.  Origami.  I never learned this practice, although many childhood friends had the gift of folding gorgeous layers of paper in the most intricate of ways.  I find this to be categorized in the art of patience, as well as quite fascinating, and, of course, utterly awesome.  By the way, I think I’m going to attempt this costume for Halloween!


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