I am borrowing this week’s Awesome Ending Fridays post not because I didn’t have any items of awesomeness of my own to share this week, but because I found these 11 Little Victories to Celebrate so incredibly awesome that I couldn’t resist sharing.  Someone understands!


So whether it’s a free morning coffee from your favorite barista (made just the way you like it) or consecutive green lights on your way to work, consider taking a moment to acknowledge the good. Weinschenk says this is a great tactic for becoming more positive: “When little things happen that show progress — progress that things are getting better, progress that things are going your way — you will be more motivated to stay engaged and go through your day. It makes you more optimistic.”

In addition to a sunny disposition, recognizing the small things that deserve a whispered “win!” or a tiny “raise the roof” could make you more productive and happier on the job. “We’re constantly on the lookout for our next goals and milestones, and we’re always pushing harder — taking the time to celebrate what we are achieving and what we’ve already accomplished goes a long way,”  – Nathalie Lussier.


1.  When someone holds the elevator for you and you exchange the most human of smiles. 

2.  When your dinner order arrives just as you return from using the restroom.

3. When you’re out of toilet paper — and there’s another roll hiding underneath the sink.

4.  When your train pulls up just as you step onto the subway platform. 

5.  When the seat next you in the movie theater is empty, and you get full, uninhibited use of the arm rest.

6.  When you don’t lose a sock in the wash (this is truly miraculous).

7.  When you have a really good idea in your dreams — and remember it in the morning.

8.  When it’s a shadow, not a stain (yippee, you’re not a slob!).

9.  When your absolute favorite song is playing on the radio — there’s something victorious about it happening organically.

10.  When your fortune cookie comes with TWO fortunes (double the luck, we’re sure).

11.  When the extra penny actually comes in handy. 

Morning Mantra:


Go ahead, be awesome today.

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