This week’s compilation of awesomeness is a matter of team work – two of us are reporting.  Rather, I’m using two bits of awesomeness from another’s life and adding it to my list, just because things are that awesome!

1.  Warm weather and sunshine.  Yes, we’ve been craving this for sometime and it arrived for a tease again this week!  I want more…

2.  Fresh Oregon berries.  Delicious.  Juicy.  Amazing…

3_berriesI may have consumed just a few too many blueberries this week, is that possible?  – BIG sale over the weekend – I couldn’t resist!

3.  Discovering almost-new, high quality shoes at Goodwill – awesome score!

4.  Mail-in rebates.  Only 8-10 weeks and I’ll be $20 richer!! (Or, at least I’ll get back the $20 I already spent).

5.  Haircuts.  When you’re hair is just too long and mangy, it feels SO good to get a nice, clean trim.

6.  Sunshine.  Can I say it again?  It’s Portland.  I think I can and I will.  Awesome!


7.  Contests.  They may be silly, but contests really are a whole bunch of fun.  They bring out the child inside.  No matter what, we all need that.

8.  iPhone alarms and reminders.  Pretty great that a little handheld genius can keep you on your toes.

9.  IronMan III.  Cheesy to include in the list, I am well aware.  But a few hours of good old entertainment in the cool, dark theater, AND a view that includes Mr. Robert Downey Jr. is pretty darn awesome.


10.  Anticipation.  My good friend, Alisa, is getting married SO soon and I so love hearing about all her excited anticipation.  Life is amazing.  Life is awesome.

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