10 Admirable, (and rather AWESOME) Personality Traits:

1.  Honesty.  No matter what, candid honesty is always the best policy.  No beating around the bush.


2.  Integrity.  Consistency in values, measures, and principles translates to a human being of the highest integrity.

3.  Humor.  There’s nothing better than a sense of humor and a way to bring out the giggles in the worst of circumstances, or just in the humdrum of everyday life.

4.  Respect.  This goes both ways – I feel as though the best of the best earn respect, and mutually return that respect to the individuals with whom they interact. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Thank you, Aretha Franklin.


5.  Sincerity.  This may be a bit of a repeat, as both integrity and respect require a bit of sincerity, but I certainly respect sincerity on its own, and feel that it can hold its own.  Be sincere with your words, always.

6.  Contemplation.  I love to witness individuals going deep down inside themselves, thinking and feeling exactly what needs to be thought and felt in the moment.  Witnessing the moment – hearing – growing…which leads me to…

7.  Presence.  Being present and really listening to the NOW, rather than living in the past or always looking to the future, or hurriedly scurrying to the next task.  Those who value their own presence, just in the moment, emanate a sense of security and grounding.  Simply witnessing their “presence” is reassuring and enlightening all at once.

8.  Imagination.  I have a wild imagination – I become lost in my thoughts and dreams on a daily basis.  My imagination gives me hope for the days to come and provides me with excitement and joy.  I love seeing those wild dreams in the eyes of others.


9.  Perseverance.  There’s certainly something to be said for “keeping on.”  Life brings seasons, and sometimes the winters can be long and cold.  Oh so cold, and discouraging at times.  Those that persevere build character and strength, and ultimately serve as preceptors for others.  Working through the drudgery teaches us all so much – and allows us all to grow and grow and grow.

10.  Class.  Individuals of class are few and far between.  Those that truly exhibit the elegance, grace, and distinction embodied in the definition of the trait are seldom recognized – as I believe these people to be so incredibly special and beyond ordinary.  A truly “classy” character is pretty awesome.


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  1. Creep on creeping on.  (Freaky.  Saw this on the bus yesterday.  Was freaked out enough by it to take a photo.  Jungian synchronicity at its height!  )

    1. I think I’ve seen this saying too! It* is *all too freaky, I agree. I’d love to see your photo 🙂

      On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 1:59 PM, Craving4More

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