Summer is here!  Apparently July 5 marks the beginning of the endless blue sky and long days of SUNSHINE in the PNW.  Bring it on!!!

10 AWESOME Summer Things –
**Thanks again, Pinterest…for making life so much easier~

1.  summer1

2.  summer2

3.  summer3





6.  summer6

7.  summer7

8.  summer8

9.  summer9

10.  summer10

The best is yet to come…

in summer

2 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. Ashley–

    Enjoyed this post.  BTW, tried posting a comment, but the comment box got all wonky on me.  Well,  supposing you are gone, I know Portland is now poorer for your absence.  But you reign on in one respect:  I’m still cooking your recipes!   Made the avo-chicken-heirloom tomato salad with cotija cheese on July 4.  Far out fantastic!  Stacey loved it and pointed out three things:  (1) it would probably be even better if it marinated overnight; I hardly let it sit at all because I wanted the avos to stay green (like you did in class); (2) tearing the chicken vs. cutting it could give a more pleasing texture while in the mouth; and (3) I forgot to add the cheese until three portions had been eaten by three of us; adding the salty cotija was a huge improvement.  As I just bragged to a co-worker, cooking with quality ingredients helps.  (Duh.)  Finally, it being July 4th and all, we went to a barbeque (did I spell that right?) yesterday, and I brought the kale salad.  I don’t get tired of that thing , though I am saddened at the close-to-ending crop in my garden.  I hope you and Marc are well.


    1. Greg, You really crack me up. I LOVE your enthusiasm for everything in life – and for food too! You’re right, quality ingredients make things so much better (not just in terms of food, right?) I’m jealous of your 4th feast – sounds great. We were busy packing and are headed out on Monday for the long drive home. Maybe I’ll get a chance to pack some kale salad for the road…

      Keep in touch! Ashley Sara Kipp

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