To piggyback off of last Friday’s theme – awesome things about summer, I decided to share my top 10 favorite summer memories.
I grew up very blessed, in that my family’s situation allowed for us to spend endless summers together – outside. I close my eyes and smile at all the fantastic adventures we created, just the four of us, along with such great company.  We traveled deep into the mountains of Colorado for much of the summer each year, but also basked in the sunshine and fun right at home.  Keeping the list to just ten items was certainly a challenge ~ I wanted to keep grinning through my thoughts and imagination…why not?

1.  Fresh Munson Farms corn on the cob and home-grown tomatoes for dinner.  BEST. DINNER. EVER.
(Oh, and fresh peaches from the farm stand for dessert too).


2.  Family bike rides.  Often times we would gather up as a family and ride our bikes into town to have lunch at the Farmer’s Market.  Sweaty and grimy – but GOOD family fun!

3.  Swim meets.  Oh, my poor parents.  Hours and hours, baking in the hot sun, only to watch their two little girls scamper across the pool for all of 30 seconds.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  Those days were a blast for the two of us – French fries dipped in vanilla milkshakes and all!  (Go BCC!!)

4.  Capture the Flag.  This was a summertime favorite for all of us in the neighborhood!  I can remember running through the neighborhood, long after dark, desperate to finish one last game – and utterly exhausted when finally piling in the door for bed.  (Occasionally a game of Kick-the-Can, Red Light-Green Light, or Red Rover made its way into the mix).

capture the flag

5.  Summer camp.  Even though it’s hard to admit that my childhood travels were riddled with horrible cases of homesickness, whether it be with the Girl Scouts or with the church youth group, I still always had a great time at camp.  And, when Capture the Flag was involved in the MOUNTAINS of Colorado, camp was all the more awesome!

6.  S’Mores.  Really, other than chocolate and peanut butter together (a combo that always wins), there’s nothing better growing up than roasting marshmallows over a campfire to create melty, sticky, gooey, delicious s’mores.  The best.  And, even better when the marshmallows are torched with a douse of Yukon Jack.  (Yes, we are Irish to the core).


7.  Camping.  I’m not so much a fan of camping anymore – I’m a bit of a princess for some reason these days.  But I adore my childhood memories of camping with the family.  I honestly ADORE these memories.  Telluride, Marble and The Crystal River, the Maroon Bells, and ending with a shower at The Redstone Inn are among my fondest memories of all.  (Horseback riding through the Aspen trees MUST be included in this memory, for sure).

crystal river

8.  Vail Pass.  We used to have Mom drive us to the top of the pass and then all three of us (me, my big sister, and Dad) would soar down the trail on our bikes.  Exhilarating!

9.  The Cabin.  Of course, in the time not out on the road with our pull along camper, we natured up at the family cabin.  Again, these days I have an intense aversion to dirt, dust, and germs – but boy, oh, boy, I simply have the most amazing memories of EVERYTHING at The Cabin.  Spaceship Rock, The Woodpile, The Outhouse, The Deck, The Fire Pit, Lacey, Amie, The Tire Swing, The Picinic Table, Tacos, Fantastic Foods Veggie Burgers…and these are just the summer memories.  This list could go on forever…

10.  This one is from Marc – I had to let him contribute ONE awesome memory of his childhood summers, since he’s been patiently sitting next to me, waiting for dinner, as I frantically compose my awesome post!
Marc:  “Playing outside in the grass after dinner until dark, and then having to come inside for a cookie because my blood sugar was so low.”  Bwahahah!!!!  This made me laugh so hard.  Any excuse for a cookie for this guy, my Cookie Monster!!


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