Ten bits of awesomeness that emerged from my life and my mind this week…

1.  Baby Boomers referring to things as “awesome.”  Hearing these words uttered by such a generation made me laugh and smile on multiple occasions this week.

2.  Seven year-old using the terms “old school” and “I’m so over that.”  Awesome.

3.  Dark storm clouds encapsulating the entire sky, followed by giant claps of thunder and an utter downpour.  I love storms – the excitement abounds!


4.  New and interesting textiles in forms other than floral prints.

5.  Being informed that there is, indeed, a difference between ‘fairies’ and ‘pixies.’  ~ Almost a slap on the hand; shame on me for not knowing this information.  Pretty awesome, right?

pixie hollow coloring pages (4)

6.  A dad who is willing to spend his entire day taking my car in for service while I’m at work.  Thanks, Dad.  You’re pretty awesome in my book.

7.  Preparing and enjoying a fantastic summer dinner for family and neighbors, followed by amazing music and an evening of dancing – oh, and chasing down train whistles too.

8.  Grass-fed beef.  Need I say more, honestly?


9.  Dinners on the patio.  NOTHING better.

10.  Mastiff puppies.  Even if only in photos, they are still awesome.


Have a fantastic weekend.  Have an awesome weekend.

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