Here we go…
Another week of awesomeness!

1.  Brussels sprouts.  I know they are not yet in season, but they were on sale this week and I just had to – it’s been too long.  And, after preparing them to perfection, I was reminded of just how awesome these bulbous cruciferous miniatures truly are!


2.  395 blog site hits in one day!  Whoohoo!!!  Thanks for all your support.

3.  Encouragement.  Pretty awesome all around.

4.  Magic, wizards, castles, and unicorns!
Okay, it’s sort of an inside joke.  All who know me well will attest to the fact that an afternoon of wizardry or fantasy ~ a viewing of Lord of the Rings, perhaps, is all out misery for me.  But, it’s its own satirical way, this is pretty awesome.  (I can see you smiling).

unicorn“Gorgeously strong, majestic and spirited, these enchanting unicorns strut a magic display of beauty. The large scale creatures gallop and spread their wings with pride, amid an enchanting full moon and a star filled evening; strikingly dramatic and rich in color. “

5.  Kombucha on sale for a smoking deal of 2 for $3.  Yes ~ can you believe that??????  AWESOME!!  (Oh, and by the way, GT’s is coming around and the Enlightened brews ~ sadly, I can’t get the “Over 21” in Colorado ~ are starting to become available in the darker, light sensitive bottle.  Yes!!!!!


6.  Longing for the sounds of one of your favorite tunes, only to have it transpire as the next song on the playlist or the radio.  Channeling your thoughts and desires into reality, I’d say, IS awesome.

7.  Anticipation!  I am SO looking forward to tomorrow’s seminar with Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso.  Everyday Paleo in Denver.  I can’t wait!

8.  Snail mail.  Don’t you just love getting “real” mail in the mailbox?  Such a rarity these days ~ and I’m not talking bills here ~ a rarity, and a gift.  Go write a love letter…and MAIL it.  Don’t forget your postage.


9.  Squirrels playing chase.  I find it hysterical to sit on the patio and watch the little creatures flitting this way and that, chasing each other to and fro, in and around the trees.  They sure do look like they’re having fun.


10.  AC.  It’s been seriously hot this week again in Colorado.  While I tend to freeze to death in the icy situation of my living quarters, I sure am thankful for the air conditioning, considering the blistering hot alternative.  Dripping in sweat, waiting for the oscillating fan to turn towards me and blow a lukewarm roomy breeze over my sticky brow, all while begging the Universe to fall asleep, is not my idea of a restful evening.   Cozy beneath the security and weight of a  down comforter and sleeping like a baby  in the midst of summer – awesome.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. Oh this post made me so nostalgic! I miss the squirrels in Michigan! They were my favourite hehe, the first time I saw a squirrel there I was SO excited… we have them here too but they’re not as common as there. Also I REALLY miss GTs Kombucha! Wish we had it here!

    Enjoy the seminar! I’m sure it will be awesome 🙂

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