1.  Phone calls from old friends.  I suppose I should rephrase that ~ long time friends.  These instances make me smile.


2.  Clean sheet day.  I know I’ve used this one before, but I claim this time that it does not matter.  Clean sheets, crisp, fresh, and tightly folded on a bed just made – crawling into that at the end of the day – just awesome!

3.  Meeting new people and making new friends.

4.  Vanilla cream soda.  I never, ever drink soda.  However, just this week I was offered a vanilla cream soda.  On a whim, I chose not to decline, but rather enjoy each sip.  It was a wonderful treat.  I felt like a child again – especially as I sipped through a super duper fat, funky straw.


5.  Cooking with cast iron.  I am LOVING this.  I can’t wait to expand my collection ~ these babies do wonders in every way.  And, Tina, I know you’re reading…whenever Tom is ready, I am still very much willing and able to take the sunshine yellow collection of Le Creuset sitting in your garage off your hands.  I’ll be waiting by the phone!


6.  18 hours of complete and utter solitude at home.  All alone.  Absolute heaven.  Absolutely awesome.

7.  Invitations to guest blog.  What a treat!  Stay tuned for next week…

8.  Opportunities to learn and grow.  Wise Mind ~ I’m learning.


9.  Indian Summers.  It sure has been hot here, but I’ll take it.  It’s awesome, considering the alternative.

10.  Being told you’re beautiful ~ no matter how you really feel inside.

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