This week marked the beginning of fall ~ my favorite season.  There are so many awesome and amazing things about the season…

1.  Crisp mornings.  The air feels crisp, it smells delightfully fresh and clean, and often it even sounds pleasantly brisk.  Autumnal bliss is a gift to the senses.

2.  Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!!!!  We all love it, and it’s everywhere.  Savor the tastes while they are around.


3.  Changing leaves.  We don’t get much color in Colorado, but the vibrant aspen leaves in the mountains and the meager reds from the maples that are few and far between are spectacular for natives!

4.  Breezy mornings.  I detest the wind, but a fall breeze is absolutely marvelous.

5.  Holiday anticipation.  Fall reminds us that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  Intoxicating memories and the sweet aroma of the cinnamon and spice season make me smile.

6.  APPLES.  It’s apple season again.  Hooray!!!!  OKAY – this is a test – who is reading…any of you Portlanders, would you be willing to send me a case of heirloom apples?  I’m Crazy for Mountain Rose.


7.  Fall TV season premieres.  I know, I know.  It’s trivial and silly.  But I do have a few favorite TV shows that I enjoy and the excitement of the premiere of a new season can brighten my day for just a few moments.  Actually, this year, I’ve discovered two new shows that make me laugh.  Laughter is by far the most important outcome of an entertaining television show.

8.  Cozy evenings.  The dark nights arriving earlier each day can make me sad sometimes, but I actually prefer to shift my mindset into appreciating the cozy at-home snuggles and warm feelings that the season provides each year.  Cuddling under a blanket with a good book (or an iPad or iPhone at our house) at night simply doesn’t happen in the warmer weather days.

9.  Energetic light.  The illuminating vitality of the sun and sky is entirely different this time of year.  Calming.  Peaceful.  Grounding.  Pure Bliss.

10.  Winter squash!!!!  The bounty of these delicious treasures, including gorgeous root veggies, piles out of my pantry these days.  I simply cannot get enough.  I adore you, my delicata!


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