This week didn’t feel very awesome.  However, as I got down to thinking about the awesome things that did happen, I realized how blessed I am.  We all are.  Count your awesome blessings each and every day.

1.  Unexpected gifts from friends.  SO AWESOME.  Thank you Jamie.
2.  Neighborhood strolls on dry (and somewhat sunny days) in Portland in February!
3.  The first signs of spring – little blossoms quietly announcing themselves on treasured bushes.
4.  Silent songs in my head.  Focusing on the positive songs in my head more than anything puts a smile on my face –   and on the faces of observers.  (Good thing those songs are silent – the vocalization never quite manifests into the sweet sound I hear in my head – the observers thank me for keeping the songs to myself, but smiling nonetheless.)
5.  Slipping into sweatpants after a long day of “real clothes” for grown ups.
6.  Sparkly blue fingernail polish.  I never dreamed I’d branch away from sweet pea pink.  Times have changed!
7.  Safety Bingo at work.  Honestly, the chance to win a gift card with daily bingo callouts – awesome!
8.  Pinterest.  We all know it’s awesome.  We are all guilty of getting sucked into the Pinterest viewing time-warp.
9.  Sleep.  Oh my have I been suffering from insomnia.  When the sandman finally arrives – it is just so awesome.
10.   Little baby giggles.  I think I’ve mentioned this one before.  Really, I just love child-like laughter, don’t you?

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