Generally focused on presenting the finished product of recipe creation, food delicately placed upon a plate for the perfect picture, so many food blogs underestimate and neglect the half-eaten angle of food.

Inspired by the idea of “simply what is,” perfection aside and without expectations, images displaying a bite out of food, and, thus, a bite out of life are awesome, indeed.

Thank you, my AWESOME friend – you know who you are – for placing this notion of “reflecting on imperfection” upon my heart and mind.

10 awesome bites this week:

1.  reese

2.  beefgnocchi2

3.Save Room - for Tumblr

4. sloppyjoes

5. Canon 1041

6.  licked-1

7. licked-2



10.  Addie-with-pudding-2005.-Missed-tbt-so-we_re-going-with-FlashbackFriday-Flickr-Photo-Sharing

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