1.  Chocolate.  Wine.  Chocolate and wine together – Sweetie Pie Divine! 🙂



2.  Smiles of friends
3.  Random Acts of Kindness Week
4.  4 consecutively dry days in the PNW (maybe a misting – but it’s pretty dry!)
5.  The sound of wind blowing through pine trees – my favorite intonation of all time
6.  Bouquets of roses – all week long.  What a week in retail!
7.  Evening cups of tea

8.  Handwritten cards…arriving in the mail! (In the age of email, we often forget snail mail – it’s a gift).
9.  The last delicata squash in the cupboard from the fall season – I tear streams down my cheek now, knowing I have to wait until October for this sweet delight again.
10.  The kindness of friends

2 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. I saw a wine today called Vine Rouge. It is red wi e with chocolate blended into it. I didn’t but it!

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