Here’s to an AWESOME weekend!  It’s my first Saturday off from work since August!!!

1.  Invitations to dance
2.  Kabocha squash – I had the LAST one I had stored away in the pantry.  I can’t wait until next fall.
3.  New brands of kale chips – they are everywhere and I love trying them ALL!
4.  Bubblegum pink skinny jeans.  (These so happen to belong to the same owner of the hot pink skinny jeans – AWESOME!!)
5.  Job opportunities
6.  Coffee dates with friends
7.  Words with Friends.  This is a lovely distraction for me each evening.  It’s like scrabble on my iPhone
8.  Honestly – it’s the best.  You can find anything on and it’s so much cheaper!  I can’t wait for my new iPhone case to arrive – after the old one cracked.  It’s sea-foam green.  AWESOME!

9.  Lighter mornings.  It’s truly amazing to awaken to some Light outside.  I feel human when I can see the light of day.  Spring is on the way.
10.  Generosity.  I have been overwhelmed with kindness and generosity this week.  Thank you.  I am blessed.  He is AWESOME!


5 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

    1. I know, right? They are a co-worker’s actually. I found some bright peach ones at J. Crew outlet in Woodburn though.

      Ashley Kipp

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      1. Nice! J.Crew always has great color selections. I never go out to Woodburn though. I’ve never actually gone there period! I’ve only passed by when leaving town. Guess I’ll have to change that one of these days.

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