Here we go again…

1.  Behind the Museum Café – an awesome treasure…
This is a unique cafe that specializes in Japanese tea and foods, Japanese antiques and arts and crafts.
The café serves robust EXTRACTO coffee roasted right here in Portland, Oregon. We offer our own homemade sweets, sandwiches, and assorted Japanese-style appetizers with seasonal vegetables, all of which can be paired with our premium Japanese beers and sakés.
The interior design melds traditional Japanese sytle with modern flair to create a warm, welcoming space, with an inviting atmosphere.
Behind The Museum Cafe
2.  Saturdays off of work

3.  The Academy Awards – oh yes, I LOVE watching award shows from Hollywood.  I could care less about the actual awards.  I just adore the visual aspect – seeing these stars all gussied up, donning the best gowns and makeup.  I dream about just once in my life the experience of wearing an elegant, floor length ball gown, my chest weighted down by glamorous jewels, and my hair and makeup so finely crafted that I may just be unrecognizable!  Oooohh…the Fashion Face Off!

4.  Kevin James – this is a totally random reason to feel like the week was awesome…I have no idea why this comedian popped into my head.  But, he really is just so darned funny!  He and Ellen make me laugh aloud, hysterically.

5.  Barcelona’s Gourmet Cooking Sauce.  The Green Chile #7 = AWESOME!
Oven roasted lamb chopped, topped with the #7 Sauce, diced onions, fresh cilantro and some grilled sweet peppers.  SO Delicious.


6.  Family friends – Make that SURPRISE visits from family friends.  I love you, Tom!


7.  High school teenagers excited about life and motivated.  AWESOME!!

8.  Research projects.  Yes, I’m a dork.  But, I like to be busy and I accept challenges (most of them – oh you challenge I detest, you know who and what you are) with ambition and drive.

9.  Acceptance and Grace.  This is an awesome Gift.

10.  Blueprint Juice Cashew Vanilla Cinnamon Agave.  “We Think.  You Drink.”  Divine….


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