Oh boy, this was another week that did not quite feel so awesome.  It started off great – I was told that I have an “embarrassment of riches.”  This IS so true.  Mid-week, though, Humpday Wednesday, brought some disappointing news, to top off the other worries and frets surrounding my spirit.

I sure am glad, though, for the people and experiences in my life that make my life awesome no matter what.  Thank you.

1.  Super positive strangers sitting next to me on the plane.
2.  Reconnecting with childhood friends.

3.  Sharing and reminiscing about hysterical memories with old friends, and really giggling and laughing to enhance the newly forming crow’s feet at the corner of our eyes…
4.  Traveling to new cities and seeing new sites.

5.  Supportive and ever loving friends here and beyond.
6.  Motherly love.  Fatherly insight.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.
7.  Sauerkraut – we had a “tasting” at work.  AWESOME!!!


8.  Supersweet Honeygold grapefruit.  Ooooh maaannnn this is GOOD.


9.  22 second graders eating sushi…made by my little hands…and loving it!  AWESOME.
10.  Crystal clear visions and voices.  When you know, you just know.

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