It’s been a long week – a long and painful week.  A stress fracture that does not seem to be healing, changing, or relenting is not so awesome.  Fortunately, Life presents some pretty awesome things otherwise…

1.  Family time.  Spending valuable moments together.


2.  Longer days.  Moments, even seconds, of extended daylight after a dark winter in the PNW is AWESOME!
3.  Checks in the mail – even if there are strings attached.  Thanks, Dad!
4.  Inspiring coincidences – These are just as great as finding a folded up $20 bill in your coat pocket from last season, right?  Awesome!
5.  Curiosity.  It may have killed the cat, but it sure does make life so much more interesting.
6.  Corned beef sausage.  It sounds pretty darn strange, yes, but I’m glad I gave it a try.
7.  Positive feedback.  Hearing about the amazing changes in others’ lives and the influence that I may have had.  Awesome.
8.  Generosity of time.  Friends can be amazing with this.
9.  Fresh lemon zest.  The zing, the aroma, the texture, the color, the flavor.  It’s undeniably awesome.

lemon zest
10.  St. Patty’s Day!  Corned beef and cabbage; Green beer; Irish soda bread; Bagpipes.  No matter who you are, any excuse to celebrate Lucky GREEN!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. Not sure if your stress fracture was in your foot, but I’m sure you know how important Vit D and K are. I broke my foot the day I learned about my breast cancer, as I was over whelmed with a need to rid my life of unimportant items, and slipped on a step while carrying way too much stuff. All ended well in that my foot healed OK. I postponed my chemo and my Dr. thought that was a good idea, to let my foot heal. Hope you will heal soon.

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