I detest them both.  Yuck.

BUT, just like olives, everyone else seems to love them (particularly bacon, these days).  Not that I subscribe to the “if everyone else was jumping off a bridge” adage, but I often feel like I must be missing out on something.

I’ve been viewing all of these amazingly delicious recipes on Facebook and Pinterest for banana pancakes.  They really do look spectacular!

Banana-and-egg-protein-pancakes-with-berries timthumb

Am I right?
So, I decided to give it a try.  Two ingredients – that’s it!  Perfect.
Well, I cannot simply follow a “recipe” to save my life.  I say, recipes “inspire” me.  Those who know me well are familiar with the fact that I rarely measure any ingredients and I like to make little “Ashley adjustments.”  This time, I decided that a dash of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla would really make these little cakes beyond delicious.

So, two eggs + 1 banana + cinnamon and vanilla later…

It STILL tasted just like banana!  Imagine that.  Gag.
Although I won the approval of my husband – first he touched my forehead to make sure I was not suffering from a fever – then he commented (after I finished, yes, I was a good girl), “I’m super proud of you.”

I must say, though, NEVER AGAIN.  (Maybe…)

One more quick banana tidbit – well two, actually.  I read an article last night stating that a recent study found that “eating bananas during endurance sports training proved to be more beneficial than consuming sports drinks.”  Umm…they had to do a study for that?  Sheesh, people.  Anyway, the cyclists in the study consumed either a cup of carbohydrate drink or a 1/2 banana every 15 minutes during a simulated 3 hour race.  The rest…blah, blah, blah.  The part that I clung to…1/2 banana every 15 minutes for 3 hours.   That is SIX bananas in 3 hours – on the bike!!!!  My stomach turns at just the though.  My throat grows furry….oh gross.
My second banana bite (did you get the pun?) – Bananas are the most consumed fruit in this country.  We probably knew that one.  But, did you know that a grocery store, specifically the downtown Portland Whole Foods Market, can sell up to 800 lbs. of bananas in a single day?  Wow!  This city is full of monkeys!

My next attempt at trying something new – two in one day….

BACON.  Lamb Bacon!

Yes, particularly here in Portland, bacon is all the rage.  It’s everywhere.  Bacon soda, bacon donuts, bacon cupcakes, crispy maple bacon inside chocolate bars, baconaisse, bacon chewing gum bacon in Brussels sprouts…really?  What a way to completely destroy one of my greatest delights!

As I said, though, I’m working hard at trying new things.  We ventured across the bridge (or across one of the many) to the Flying Fish Company – rumored to have lamb bacon.  Interesting.  I’m more comfortable with lamb than pork – little lambies just seem more appealing to my insane little psyche.

Big steps for me.  I was actually really looking forward to this.  Red Kuri squash (soooo good), topped with crispy sauteed kale, and then a bit of lamb bacon.  What could be better?



One bite later.  Oh no!  Something must have gone terribly wrong.  SALTY!!!  Darn it!  Yuck.  I love salt.  This was more than salty.  This was beyond salty.  Hmmm.  Oh well, I say.  It was an experience – something new.


This time, I say, though, I think I’ll give it another try.  That’s right, folks, this is Ashley pictured, consuming the real deal – BACON – and saying she’ll give it another go!

And, in my search for really great meat in town, I’ve become a little obsessed with pastured animals and “grass-fed.”  Not obsessed with bacon yet – but I think I may be one step further based upon the above fact.  Anyway, I came across this on the GrassFed Girl website.  I WANT THIS!!!!


Despite a rather disappointing breakfast and another less than optimal dinner experience (although, I must say, I really enjoyed the squash and kale), this became the silver lining of it all:


5 thoughts on “Bananas and Bacon

  1. Ashley, LOLx10!!!! Enjoyed the read but don’t you love bacon like I love bacon — you want it all the time! I make a yummy BLT with avocado, swiss, tomato and no lettuce. Try for your next bacon experiment, sauté a little garlic and an onion with bacon! Broil brussels sprouts a few minutes and cut in half, then stir in with the sauté. You get a little bacon and more brussels sprouts to help break in the taste of bacon for you (that should make your smile next time). Also, good looking food presentation (ala your photographer) on the squash, bacon and kale — any leftovers for me? I would try that! But did the squash overpower the taste. The sweet with the bitter and the bacon is a great combo though! Roger

  2. I certainly do love avocado and tomato – maybe a teeny bit of bacon wouldn’t hurt next time :-). Brussels sprouts, though…. still not sure if I want to mess with mother nature’s perfection, but perhaps I’ll give it a try!
    And – per your question about the flavor pairings – having grown up on the food industry and in the family that I did, I have a gifted palate in terms of the pairing of flavors. It’s almost as though I can taste the combinations as I dream of them for recipes – textures as well. The squash was not overpowering at all! (Really, just the salt of the bacon. Ha ha).

  3. I know where you got the trait of not following a recipe. The banana does not fall far from the tree!!

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