I often have a hard time convincing folks of the fine and intricate marriage of flavor of basil and vanilla. The union of basil and chocolate, for that matter, is just as exquisite.
Savory and sweet, yet aromatic to the extreme. I tell you, this mix dominates both a sweet or a savory dish and creates quite a phenomenal drink.

The unique caramelization of a good bourbon and both the vanilla chocolate nuances of some creme de cacao topped with the intoxication of fresh basil will sit on your palate as a dream come true.

Basil Bourbon Crème

2 oz. bourbon whiskey
1/2 oz. creme de cacao
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
2 large basil leaves, smashed

Gently stir together the bourbon, creme de cacao, and vermouth. Serve over a rock and top with the smashed basil. (Smashing or smacking the leaves between your palms release and enhances the flavor).

Sip it like a boss.

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