I actually developed this recipe years ago when vying for the “team win” of Best Burger Ever at Whole Foods in PDX.

Guess what…my burger…this burger…WON!

Blackberry Feta Basil Burger-009

Of course it did.

The hilarious part of it all was that I was asked to join the meat department team, as they were quite aware of my creative skills and my adoration of organic beef – or my ability to “sell” the beef to my customers ~ who ironically were a part of the plant-based, vegan Healthy Eating Program which I was hired to represent.

All that aside, these burgers, sister to the Blueberry Bleu Cheese Bison Burgers from a few years ago and this year’s Burger Blue recipe as well, are truly amazing.

You’ll be astounded by how the subtle sweetness of the fruit, the tart tang, and the savory goodness of both the basil and burger melt and amalgamate as you masticate!
(Uh, look it up ~ keep it clean, folks).

Blackberry Feta Basil Burgers

1 lb. organic 85% lean ground beef
2 oz. fresh feta cheese, crumbled
3 oz. fresh blackberries
1 Tbs. fresh basil, finely chopped
sea salt and pepper
2 hamburger buns, sliced buttered, and toasted (optional…or go for grain-free or gluten free)

Combine the ground beef, cheese, berries, basil, and salt and pepper. GENTLY massage to meld all ingredients and flavors, careful not to break the delicate berries. To be safe, feel free to add the berries LAST into the mixture.
Form into 2 large hamburger patties.
Preheat the grill and cook until preferred “doneness.” We like medium rare in our house.
Serve atop a toasted bun and with a side salad of leftover berries, basil, feta, and salt and pepper.

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