I am crazy for many things, of course.

And, I’m crazy for kitchen gadgets.

There are simply some items in the kitchen I use each and every day and I cannot live without.

From my amazing Shun knives and my bright yellow citrus squeezer to my entirely too small but carefully coveted collection of colorful Le Crueset and my high-speed blender, I am lost without them.

In fact, over the last 5-6 years I’ve moved far too many times to count. Upon packing up to transport myself each and every time, my belongings landed in boxed up temporary homes for months and months at a time…yet, my prized kitchen items traveled tightly with me – a hefty storage crate full of my prized possessions never left my side.

Hefty and hearty that storage crate, as it housed the bulkiest of my daily go-to tools – my Vitamix.

I’ve had this puppy for years and years.

I love it.

This sucker will do the job through and through, over and over again.

I’ve burned out many a blender in my day, and this monster musters through it all.

The Vitamix, though… This thing pulses, purees, pulverizes, and even grinds grains. It’s amazing.

I’m a traditionalist, and I first made this purchase and fell in love during my raw food days. The Vitamix was the gold-standard – the one and only.

However, despite my stubborn stick-to-your-guns personality, I’m seeing myself beginning to grow and change ~ and open up to new possibilities.

I see a new blender on the horizon.

There are few things that displease me about the Vitamix. Only a few.

I like things to be neat and clean and perfect…and that PLASTIC PITCHER simply does not sustain the everyday wear and tear to which I subject it. It’s cloudy. It’s no longer perfect looking.

Yes, the scratches and curry-colored stained sides show use and love – but not perfection.

The other little beef I have with this monster is how narrow the base is. When I whip and whir my tasty little treats, SO much magic is lost behind, stuck beneath that slick little blade. It breaks my heart! It does, indeed. Breaks my heart to see that super salubrious and satisfying seduction left behind.


Thus I’m looking forward, facing the temptation, and breaking boundaries towards the next latest and greatest when it comes to high performance in the kitchen: The Blendtec.

Are you ready to join me on this little adventure?




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