I don’t typically use cookbooks, nor do I follow recipes for that matter.  In fact, I find myself absolutely incapable of following a recipe. It’s a family thing –  I suppose.  My mother shares the same trait.  Recipes and cookbooks are for inspiration only.  We both adore a lazy afternoon spent thumbing through the gorgeously crafted photos of the latest cookbooks out on the shelf.  We both collect cookbooks like little hoarders, ironically, since we never technically “use” them.  However,  after receiving my much coveted copy of Sarah Fragoso’s newest book, Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine, I found myself itching to prepare one of Sarah’s creations – well, sort of…


Sarah shares the most precious gems in her Italian experience in the book.  I so enjoyed reading about her time in Bologna, as Italy is the land of my dreams.  I would pick up and move abroad, a life in the rural Italian countryside, in a heartbeat – maybe even half a heartbeat.

In any case, I chose to create Sarah’s Classic Bolognese as one of my never ending attempts at following a recipe to a T.  The meal was utterly amazing.  “Epic,” as she would say.  The guests and tasters were gushing at the flavor, the texture, the entire flight of the savory adventure.

I must admit, though, as my mother and I prepared this dish together, we united in full form and simply had to tweak the recipe a bit.  We both love veggies and specifically delight in San Marzo tomatoes.  So, we added an extra can.  What’s more tomatoes, right? (Oh, and the store was OUT of pastured heavy cream – so we had to settle for half & half.  Can you believe the luck?).



IMG_6675-1024x682**Photo credit to Steak and Sass.  Thank you, gorgeous work.

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