Oh my gosh.

It’s SO easy.

And, it’s so delicious.

Brine Spiked Mushrooms-003

I’ll bet you never thought of sautéing those super delicious and oh, so delicate wild mushrooms (Chanterelle anyone?) in succulent butter with a dash of tangy pickle juice, have you?

That’s right. The tangy, zippy, pickly brine we so often dismiss is now your best friend.

I dare you to try it.

Brine Spiked Mushrooms

1 Tbs. salted Kerrygold butter
8 oz. fresh wild mushrooms (be sure to include Chanterelles)
3 Tbs. pickle juice

In a medium cast iron skillet, over low heat, melt the butter and add mushrooms. Sauté until slightly crispy on the edges, stirring to cover all surfaces in the precious golden butter of the gods.
Deglaze with the pickle juice.
Serve immediately.

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