“Biltong is Jerky’s better looking brother.”

Ever since I was a little “laaitjie” in Pretoria, South Africa, playing around my grandfather’s butchery I realized the potential of biltong. Oupa Dawie was a very disciplined, lovable butcher and respected hunter that made some of the “best biltong” in Pretoria. We would never leave without brown bags stuffed full of delicious dried meat for the ride home.

I first discovered the brilliance of biltong while browsing the tables of a new farm-to-table food mart in town.

I was attracted to the slogan: “better looking brother” in regards to jerky.


You see, I love the simple convenience of beef jerky, but I do not so love the chewy texture and hard to swallow chunks that inevitably get stuck in my teeth and leave my stomach reeling with the loads and loads of garlic and onion.
In fact, you probably didn’t know…I’m actually allergic to garlic. Horribly so – thus, I must avoid the tasty allium goodness at all costs for risking of becoming quite ill.
Oh, and I hate the fact that just about every other jerky on the market is loaded with sugar. Seriously? WHY?

So, once my smile stretched from ear to ear regarding the marketing cuteness of Brooklyn Biltong, my eyes grew wide at the fact that this amazing little snack contains NO garlic or onion, no sugar, is grass fed, AND is air dried, which means TENDER and juicy!

Biltong Brilliance!

  • The Basics
    Biltong is South Africa’s version of beef jerky. The biggest difference is in the way it’s made. Instead of dehydrating the meat, biltong is air dried –  keeping it tender and juicy!
  • Health Facts
    It’s high in protein, and we use grass fed beef. It’s free from artificial preservatives, and absolutely zero sugars of any kind! It’s great for Paleo diets and officially Whole30 approved.
  • How can I eat it?
    It’s great for post workout snacking, hiking trips, road trips, or just stocking your office/home kitchen! It’s great in salads, pizzas, breakfast, and even sandwiches.
  • How’s it made?
    Our beef gets cut into strips and dipped into the marinade. It then gets sprinkled with Coriander, black pepper, and Allspice.Ingredients – Beef and Marinade (Marinade: Apple cider Vinegar, Water, Sea Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper, and Allspice)  No msg, no nitrates, no chemical preservatives, no additives or unnatural flavorings, Gluten free.

Just reading the facts, you’re already impressed.

And, once you sink your teeth into these snacks, you’ll fall into a grandiose grin of tummy grumbling. You simply cannot resist.

TENDER. TENDER. TENDER. Soft and so delicious. I almost felt as though I was being treated a a juicy filet mignon – well, not quite so, but almost.

And the seasoning…SALT, coriander, black pepper, and allspice.

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Brooklyn Biltong is heavenly.
A blessing to my heart. A blessing to my belly. And a blessing to my daily routine.


Way to go, Ben and Em!

And, on top of all THAT:

We believe in being a blessing. We give away 10% of our net profits, in the form of actual biltong, to help feed the NYC homeless.
We established what we call ‘Eat and Feed.’ Because Biltong is a sustainable, protein rich nutrient, we give away 10% of our profit in the form of actual Biltong to local Brooklyn organizations. We’ve most recently been donating to Chips, who works with City Harvest in distributing the Biltong into hungry hands.

It really doesn’t get any better than this.

So, after trying your first bag, be sure to support Ben and Em in their new venture to expand beyond…into a bigger and (maybe better) flavor!!

Support their Peri Peri Flavor Kickstarter Campaign Here!



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