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We all know that I’m absolutely Crazy for Kaleit’s my candy!  I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!  I adore the leafy green in any and every way, especially as a “chip.”  I have dreams and fantasies about my oh, so beloved Truffle Almond Date flavored kale chips from The Kale Company in Portland.  A tear rolls down my cheek as I think about the fact that I can no longer delight in these delicious flights from the firmament ~ as they are not available here in Colorado…perhaps, someday soon, I’ll breakdown and place a phone call, begging for an order to be shipped to my dry and sunny doorstep.

All that aside, I adore the bitter bite of Brussels sprouts almost as much as the curly green leaves that grow in the garden.  Astringent at first, but deliciously sweet and softly divine, the tiny cabbage heads are always at the top of my list when it comes to veritable favorites.

To veer from vegetable varieties for the moment…
After a day filled with salubrious and nourishing produce, there are occasions when I indulge (or overindulge, as the case may be) in a bit of a sweet treat.  I am rather dedicated to Wonderfully Raw‘s Coco Roons – simply sweet mounds of coconut bliss in flavors such as Brownie and Lemon Pie.  These little cookies are just perfect for my palate, preferring the not too sweet, but ever satisfying flavors of coconut and almond.
As I was browsing the Wonderfully Raw site a few weeks ago, I came upon the most amazing discovery…Brussel Bytes!  Little bites of Brussels sprouts ~ Brussels sprouts CHIPS!  Oh, yea, baby.  Just like at the sight of my beloved kale chips, my heart began to beat wildly, or perhaps even skipped a beat!  Could it get any better than this?  Kale chips AND Brussels sprouts chips BOTH in my life…

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The excitement ensued.  However, being these these little bytes of joy are a bit new, I suppose, they are not yet available to try on the shelves of my local markets.  Thank goodness for the interweb, I say, send these puppies my way!

Not too long after my discovery and my rapid request to Wonderfully Raw, a package of five fanciful “byte” and “chip” flavors arrived at my door for review:

Brussel Bytes ~
Chili Pumpkin Seed
Tamarind Apple Crunch

Snip Chips ~
Cheezy Herb Truffle
Chipotle Lime Cilantro
Dill Pickle

Not one single flavor enticed me more than another.  In fact, I am still drawn to all five equally, as each displays a component I so much adore: PUMPKIN, APPLE, TRUFFLE (reminiscent of the kale chips for which I so long – hint, hint, wink, wink…Christmas is coming – gift idea!!!), CILANTRO, PICKLE!  My favorite flavors in every way.  – oh, and I love parsnips too – a lovely root and “tuber,” which is what the “snips” actually are.

These are fantastically raw, dehydrated, and wonderfully flavored vegetable munchies of goodness.

I tried each and every one, completely devoted the the complexity of flavor, texture, and aroma that emanated from the package.

The results:
Not surprising.  All amazing.

My personal thoughts:
The health benefits of “raw” foods are too numerous to list.

Research on enzymes has shown the importance of including raw foods in our diet to support healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients. These raw-food enzymes start the process of digestion in the mouth and upper stomach. But, when food is heated beyond 118 degrees, the enzymes are deactivated. Our bodies do produce their own enzymes for digestion, but it helps when we get them from our foods as well.

In terms of the flavor profile – the complexity and depth of all five flavor combinations was rather lovely and quite unique.  I love the fact that there really is so much variety in what is offered.  Of the two Brussel Bytes flavors, I am most quickly drawn to the Pumpkin Chili flavor.  I equally adored the Tamarind Apple Crunch, don’t get my wrong, but if pressed to the wire, I would reach for the former as opposed to the latter.  Both contain a fair amount of garlic, to which my little tummy can be rather sensitive.  I felt better after the consumption of the Pumpkin Chili…perhaps a tad bit less of the favorite aromatic.  Who knows?
Of the snip chips…really I cannot decide or lean one way or another.  They were all quite delicious.  A cop out of a review?  Maybe.  Completely honest?  Absolutely.  A strange thing about me  – I’m SO picky with food – is that while I love the tang of pickles, I detest the flavor of dill.  How can that be, when all pickles incorporate dill in the recipe?  I have no idea.  That said, I was the slightest bit concerned that I wouldn’t care for the Dill Pickle Snip Chip flavor.  All my worries have been placed aside.  The taste was profound.

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Thank you, Sequoia, for the opportunity to taste and enjoy these amazing treats.  What a delight!
Now that I’m completely in love and maybe even drawn towards another bit of a food ‘addiction,’ the goal will be to get these on the shelves of my nearby markets!  After all, I simply cannot live without the green goodies in my life.

I am in chip heaven.

4 thoughts on “Brussel Bytes and Snip Chips – Product Review

  1. I just saw these in New Seasons, but could never get myself to pay the steep price for such a tiny bag! I think they were about $6 or $7 at New Seasons. I’m sure I’d like ’em because I love the little Brussel sprout leaves that fall off and get all toasty in the oven. They’re my favorite! Glad you got to try these out 😉

  2. Maybe I got a bad bag of Brussel Bytes Tamarind Apple Crunch. I adore brussell sprouts, tamarind, apples, and coconut but I couldn’t eat these. It was as if all these wonderful flavors canceled out the other. I have an adventurous pallet and will try another variety. Just sharing.

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