**(I actually despise the phrase, “Bam!” and I rather surprised I chose to use it in the photo above.  However, for the bulletproof drinkers I know, I believe it to be an appropriate term.)**

Bulletproof coffee is nothing new to the versed “Paleo” community.  A morning brew served up, set to propel you through the day, engraved with a liquid gold experience ~

I believe that’s how most coffee drinkers would describe their morning cup.

This is different.

Completely different.

The hot, aromatic bliss of your favorite blend, coupled with the deliciously rich and satisfying flavor of butter.  Yep, that’s right.  Butter.


The possibilities are numerous here.  I prefer my own  cold brew concoction, and now that I’ve discovered Kerrygold, there really is no other route to take in my opinion.  Pure bliss is that Kerrygold taste.
I know of others who tout the taste of coconut oil in their cup of joe, or even a mixture of both.  That does sound awfully tempting…
Perhaps some coconut milk with a touch of Kerrygold.

Hmm…it all sounds rather bulletproof.

Good morning.


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