What to do with all those leftover peaches…

Leftover peaches?
That NEVER happens in our house.

Buttered Pecan Peach Jam-011

Fresh peaches are consumed daily during peak season here in our household.

And to preserve that goodness and transfer it over to “other” peachy items of goodness, a simple spiced jam, swirled and topped with Buttery Pecan Crumble, I’m sure, is already making your mouth water.

Salivate and savor…

Buttered Pecan Peach Jam

1 1/2 cups fresh peaches, peeled and chopped
3/4 cup white sugar
1 1/2 Tbs. pectin
1 Tbs. peach liqueur
1/4 cup Butter Pecan Crumble

In a small saucepan over low heat, mash the peaches as they heat and release their juice. Once the mixture becomes super juicy, add the sugar and continue to mash until almost smooth – a few soft pieces of peach are a good thing.
Add the pectin and simmer for another 3-5 minutes.
Allow to cool for about 3 minutes and stir in the Butter Pecan Crumble.

Butter Pecan Crumble:
3 Tbs. butter
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup chopped pecans

Melt the butter over medium low heat. Stir until the butter begins to foam and “brown,” emitting a nutty aroma. Add the sugar and continue to stir until uniform in texture. Add pecans and stir well. Reduce the liquid by about 1/3, always stirring, as not to burn the butter and sugar.
Transfer to aluminum foil and allow to cool and harden.

Break the Butter Pecan Crumble into 1/2″ size pieces to munch on, and crumble the remainder in a food processor to stir in the jam and top it all off.

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