I’d been hearing about a new little coffee “shop,” or cart or houseĀ for a few months, about how their coffee was something out of the ordinary – extraordinary – if you will.

So, on a casual Sunday morning, I lugged myself downtown for a cup a joe.

I enjoy my morning cold brew at home and am not necessarily accustomed to a second helping mid-morning. But, I figured I’d give it a whirl.
I’m also entirely picky when it comes to my java; surprise, surprise.
In fact, I detest the typical acidic bitter, burned coffee I find myself enduring while traveling or at most coffee destinations.

On this occasion, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

I walked into the cute on the outside, super chic and clean interior of Story with a giant smile, as I was greeted reciprocally, along with a fantastic hug, from a friendly familiar and beautiful soul. She works at Story, I might add.

Browsing through the selective offerings, the two brews for the day were described to me as somewhat citrus and the other to be far more complex, with intense undertones of blueberry.

Both sounded wonderful, so I opted for a “flight” of the two.

As I sipped my first mini cup of the startling citrus brew, I quite enjoyed the experience. I engaged in conversation with my beloved, as well as enlightening Eliza, my fellow foodie friend. I was also introduced to the owner of the fine establishment.

As we delved deeper into conversation, learning about not only our geographical similarities, but also our preferences beyond living locale, I stopped dead in my tracks…

Mid sentence and mid sip, I blurted out, “oh my God this is good!”
It was the somewhat blueberry brew of which I spoke.

I was truly stunned. NEVER in my life have I tasted such magical beans before.

I sat. I pondered. I imagined.

Candied Coffee Nuts-007

The sweet bitter of this delightful drink sat perfect on its own. But what if I wanted more…what if I had a craving4more?

Something crunchy. Something salty. Something also sweet – but something also bitter.

Just a bite or two.

Candied Coffee Nuts ~

And so they were born, as a gift to my new found coffee caper.

The recipe, though, while somewhat similar to a few previous versions of toasted almonds, spiced and scented nuts, contains a bit of a secret…

…yet to be revealed.

It’s a secret Story

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