While it’s been well over a year ~ about 18 months, in fact ~ since we returned from our month-long sojourn in the dreamy demographics of France, I find it curious to remember the things I do and bask in the memories I choose to keep.

We adored our time there.

Paris is truly a dream.
Bordeaux is a city like no other – filled with fabulous friendships, as well.
And Aix was just as uniquely amazing.

My mind and heart are filled with joy as I reminisce over our experiences and our stay.
It’s hard to recall the hard parts – struggling with the language barrier among angry Frenchmen, frigid temperatures chilling me to the bone, and an unsuspecting knee injury, crippling me from time to time.

I’ll leave those visions aside and go back to the romance…

…and the food…

I’ve shared before how we absolutely fell in love with the little markets, fresh food, fine cheese, chocolate, and wine.

One of our favorite meal combinations involved giants hunks of super sharp, aged cheese, delectably dark French chocolate, a touch of almond butter (yes, I walked for an entire day to find this item of joy), fresh peaches… oh, the salty – sweet – crunchy – soft deliciousness of this heavenly combination drives me to the moon and back. I just love it.

So, often, I feel the need to recreate that experience at home.
Now, there were often times inside that bowl of goodness, we added amazing salumi, avocados, fresh veggies from the market, toasted chestnuts, raw almonds…and more. They are all truly fabulous together – taste and texture –

But, the items that must NOT be absent from each mouthwatering morsel are as such: cheese, chocolate, almond butter, and fruit. (peaches are the best, but berries will suffice).

After a superb splash of richly bold red wine, I relax on the sofa, close my eyes, and fill my mouth, mind, and spirit with all that I love about France.

I highly recommend it…

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