Several years ago we were visited by the “Neighborhood Angel.”  A tiny little package of homemade cookies and hot chocolate mix arrived on our doorstep with a little note, instructing us to pass along the spirit of the Angel.  Since then it has become a tradition for us to secretly bless our unsuspecting neighbors during the holidays with something a little more special than usual.

Our building houses several older individuals who live alone.  With no family nearby, I often wonder and worry about loneliness.  We do our best to be sure to check in with these folks as often as possible, ensuring cheer all year-round, not just through December.

Our secret Christmas Cheer for this year (shh, they are not to know who we are) is to “Elf” those who may need it most!



Sweet candy peppermint wreaths, with a tiny note from the secret Elves.


Maybe just a hint of Christmas more.

Spread your Holiday Cheer.  ‘Tis the Season.

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