The cold and flu season may be nearly over, but if you think you want a cure-all tonic around the house for the “just in case” days, move over anything you can buy.
Make this baby.
It will knock your socks off.

In fact, one morning during the fermentation process, I chose to open the glass jar just for a little sniff. I’m not sure if that was a mistake, or a little extra dose of the cure-all.
I about stroked.
It’s fragrant. It’s pungent. And, I think it actually will kill just about anything that even thinks its going to attack your little system.
Cure All Tonic
1 part fresh chopped garlic cloves (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitical )
1 part fresh chopped white onions (similar properties to garlic)
1 part fresh grated ginger root (increases circulation to the extremities)
1 part fresh grated horseradish root (increases blood flow to the head)
1 part fresh chopped cayenne peppers, jalapeños, serranos, and habenero peppers
apple cider vinegar
Fill a large glass jar 3/4 of the way full with equal parts of the above fresh chopped and grated veggies. Then, fill to the top with raw unfiltered, apple cider vinegar.
Close and shake vigorously and then top off the vinegar if necessary.
Begin this formula on the NEW moon and strain and bottle on the FULL moon.
Filter the mixture through a clean piece of cotton or cheesecloth.
*Note: the solid ingredients retain almost the same potency as the liquid ingredients. Therefore, these solids can be puréed to use with other ingredients like honey and lemon to make a salad dressing or to marinate meats of all sorts.
1/2 to 1 ounce, two or more times daily when symptoms first arise.
Gargle and swallow.
Keep in a cool, dark place, as light will deteriorate it.
This recipe was given to me by my most eccentric and passionate friends on earth.
Why not give it a try? We all need a little kick in the pants once in a while!

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