In this day and age we are inundated with “duds” of information.  One study says this, another study says that.  This week we should drink coffee, but last week it was evil.  Last week dark chocolate was the key to health, but next week it will be your ultimate death, right?  Basically, no matter what, there’s nothing you can do to stay in the right…

Except, ignore the recommendations and opinions of others, and do your own research!  Gather information and formulate your own plan of action for YOUR body, based upon the facts.  Jason Seib speaks to this yet again in his recent podcast.  I highly recommend lending him an ear.  (The topic to which I’m referring begins 14 minutes into the podcast).

That said, here I am providing you with some bit and pieces of information again.  This article is, indeed, prostelitizing, working to convince of why you really do need cholesterol in your diet.  However, the message is not backed by any funding, to my knowledge, and no ulterior motive exists.  Perhaps perusing the subject yourself, delving into a bit of additional research, and continuing to make your own decision is the key here for you, so that you can learn to debunk the “duds” floating around out there.

In the meantime, enjoy some eggs and catch some rays!

10 Reasons You Need Cholesterol.


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