This past weekend I was presented with a message, inspiration, and a challenge all in one.  The idea was very simple, yet highly profound.  If I want more of something, I merely need to make more.

There are a few words and concepts in our language that play “double duty:” they function as nouns or verbs, depending upon their context.  The two respects require no spelling or pronunciation changes, yet the part of speech change makes a tremendous difference in how the words are perceived and understood.


The message I received involved the word love.  Of course we all want more love.  Love is the most fantastic thing on earth.  It feels like nothing else.  It feels – good.  Physical, emotional, spiritual; love is undeniably the best thing on earth.  The simplistic and rather deep truth to it all, though, is that in order to freely and abundantly receive more love in any or all areas of our lives, we need to love.  We need to make love.  We need to transform the word and concept from a noun for which we are selfishly wanting, desiring, and hoping, to a verb – an action.  We need to do the work in order to satisfy our craving 4 more.  In order to have love, we need to love.

Lucky for me, I love to love.  I think that feels pretty darn good too.




Love Fishin’ for Love

There are other things that I crave, though, that it takes work to put into action.  There are many things in my life that I know I want and I know how to achieve them, but I’m just not yet ready to really do the work.  I have a quote on my computer screen desktop that I read each and every morning, hoping for the inspiration to take action:

“It’s only what you believe and therefore do next that will bring about a life change.”

There are those “things” in my life that are willing to play double duty, if I’m willing to do the work.

As I continued to think about the message on love and making more love in my life, as well as the other stagnant nouns I face each day, I contemplated a list of “double duty” words that most of us could benefit from shifting into verbs.  I want more:

  • benefit – benefit those around us
  • credit – credit others
  • delight – delight in the world and people around us
  • experience – experience and play an active role in life and make a move
  • flow – flow with what is presented, rather than resisting
  • influence – influence our encounters so that we too may be positively affected

Sometimes we simply must put in the work and play “double duty.”  Take action.  It’s so worth it.


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