I am an “Efficiency Expert,” so would say Frank Gilbreth from the 1950 movie, Cheaper by the Dozen.  I like things done quickly, efficiently, and my way.  Often times this involves multi-tasking.  Marc laughs, though, due to the fact that multi-tasking in the kitchen may, at times, lead to gigantic messes of pots boiling over, and sticky sauces on the counter.  These results are NOT efficient, by any means – and can be particularly stressful to an obsessive-compulsive neat-freak and germophobe, like myself.  Fortunately, I am married to an absolute saint, who understands the need to both be ultra clean and neat, and to keep up the mindset of efficiency and productivity.  He promptly and happily cleans up the disarray so that I may continue to choose to believe in my efficacious accomplishments.  A saint, he is…

Marc also really gets a kick out of the fact that I label myself as an “efficient driver.”  On a road trip back from Las Vegas years ago, a group of four of us were taking turns driving.  Don was a bit nervous to have me drive his car –
“Oh no, Don.  There is nothing to worry about.  I am a very efficient driver,” I smiled.

I believe each of us may resort to tricks of the trade to save a bit of time in this fast-paced life to which we have succumbed.  I’ve met numerous folks who brush their teeth in the shower, insisting that this saves them precious time in their morning routine.  This is absolutely hilarious to me.  Really, I see this only as an excuse to spend a few more refreshing and awakening moments in the hot steaming stream of water each morning.  This is not a time-saver at all.  Those of you who enjoy this, continue justifying your consumption of the household hotwater, and I’ll continue to justify my need to have multiple cooking jobs going at once in the kitchen.

I saw a posting on FaceBook this week from my friend Forever Awezome relating to efficiency and time management.  He posts some pretty awesomely ridiculous things each day, which always make me smile.  He posed something in the form of: “I wonder how much time we all really save by responding to texts and emails with ‘k’ instead of just typing ‘okay’ or even just ‘ok’?”

We’re most likely not saving any time at all – just suffering from a case of lazy fingers – or simply don’t want to fight the dreadful and unavoidable autocorrect outcomes!


Easy Efficient Egg Salad
Hard boiled eggs + Salsa + Avocado (or Guacamole)
Mash together the eggs and salsa or the eggs and avocado with a dash of sea salt or BOTH!

Use as a dip, a dunk, a spread, a stuffing (hard boiled egg whites, avocado halves, tomatoes, peppers, baked potatoes, etc.), or slather on baked kabocha squash (my personal favorite), or smear on a sammy.




One thought on “Efficiency Expert

  1. Love this! I can definitely relate to the multitasking mess in the kitchen. I don’t like it either, but generally, it’s unavoidable. I agree about brushing your teeth in the shower too — really doesn’t save any time, and yes, I have done it before! I feel like it takes more time to prep my toothbrush and get it ready on my shower ledge than it would be to just brush my teeth out of the shower. The things humans do is quite entertaining.

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