The elves are already abustle in our neighborhood, that’s for sure!  I cannot believe what three simple little acts have resulted in – people are being “elfed” all over the place!


Earlier in the week, we SECRETLY “elfed” a few of our neighbors, in an effort to spread a little extra Christmas cheer.  We surprised each recipient with a small, peppermint sweet candy wreath, with an elfed size message attached.  The note explained that as the recipient of the little delight, they had been specially chosen for some holiday cheer.  Instructions were to “elf” two others nearby, and to leave the “I’ve Been Elfed” note on their own door, notifying those around-no need to double dip.  I never expected the response to grow and grow as it has.
In years past, we passed along similar Christmas Angel Blessings to those around us.  We lived in a true “neighborhood,” with houses and yards, so we never really knew for sure if anyone passed along the blessings to others.  The angel blessing also did not include an “I’ve Been Blessed by the Christmas Angel” note either.  Now that we live in a building with front door access to each resident in one hallway, we can see the holiday cheer growing strong.  The elfing has grown to Santa size proportions!
Break out the candy canes and egg nog.  It’s time for Christmas Cheer!

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