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I am a woman of my word and I’m also a woman with a purpose!


I stake claim to my intent, and because of that, I’m always on-the-go.


I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere.

Sometimes it’s just my brain, but most often I’m racing between this and that and struggle to find time to care for myself.

That said, both my word and my purpose in life is to maintain my well-being.

I know so many other women who purport the same. We are all in this together. Our goals align well-being, strength, and happiness for ourselves and our families.


How do we do it all?

Well, preparation and planning are key.

We prep and plan for the BEST!

I nosh on plenty of protein – bite by bite – with Simple Truth Beef Jerky and simply sip Honest Tea that’s just a tad sweet. It’s “Truth in a Bottle.”It’s actually pretty easy and quite practical, in fact.

My secret to the system:

always in my bag of magic.


As I find myself driving from here to there, rushing from this to that, and spending every spare moment in thought and concentration, it’s important for me to keep up my stamina, energy, and coherence! PROTEIN POWER (and sometimes I even add a little dried fruit and some nuts into the mix).

I stay sane.
I stay strong.
I stay well.


I want to be authentic, every day, but also stay a maintain my status as a step above the rest.


Mission accomplished.

How about you?


By the way, did you know that September is National Organic Month?

We are women of our word, right? Thus, in our vow to keep ourselves and our families nourished, let’s jump on the organic bandwagon and hit the gas pedal!









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