I’ve touted my love of sleep before.  It truly is awesome!

In fact, it’s scientifically proven to be awesome.

Check this out from Ben Greenfield and Jason Seib: It’s Simply Human.

As I was laying in bed each morning this week before rising, I thought long and hard about some additional reasons why I simply love sleep ~ the act of sleeping, the anticipation of a deep slumber, the result and after effect of a great night’s rest, lovely dreams, and all things associated…



1.  I love that it feels oh so good.

2.  I love my bed, it’s beautiful.

3.  I love clean sheet day! – so crisp, so clean, so tight – just poifect!

4.  I love my mattress.  It’s the best.

5.  I love that I get to snuggle up and fall asleep in the arms of my favorite person on earth each night.  I love that I feel safe.


6.  I love that I am able to wake up nestled on the the chest of the man I adore each morning.  What a way to start the day!

7.  I love the feeling of a giant cat stretch as my slumber comes to an end and the sun begins to rise.

8.  I love the weight of a heavy down comforter atop my little body, keeping me warm in a crisp, cool room.

9.  I love the silence and darkness that accompanies an evening of rest.

10.  I love that I love sleep and that after 33 years of insomnia, I’m now at peace ~ my heart, my soul, and my body can now rest.


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