Fire up the BBQ, Memorial Day is just around the corner and so are the sunshine days of summer!

10 FABULOUS things I so love about summer ~ especially summer evenings:

1. Big storm clouds off in the distance.

2.  Grilling outside on the deck…especially the smell of the steaks or burgers on the grill!


3.  Evening walks

4.  Screen doors open and letting in loads of light.

screen door

5.  The sound of children playing in the street.

6.  The chime of the ice cream truck down the way.

ice cream truck

7.  Ice cream, of course!  Let’s be real.

8.  The sound of sprinklers watering the lawn…AND the cool drip on my skin of the water droplets on a steaming hot day.

9.  The rumble of thunder.  Oh boy do I love a thunder storm!

10.  Ice cold watermelon on a steamy afternoon, accompanied by neighborhood lemonade stands.


Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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