Another week has flown by!

This week, however, finally feels like summer.

10 FABULOUS feelings and items in my life this week:

1.  Rambunctious red-headed toddlers randomly delivering big hugs.

2.  Fresh garden produce – finally!

3.  Caterpillars and rolly-pollies ~ I’ve seen a few this week.


4.  Steak on the grill ~ TWICE this week.  Woohoo!


5.  Freshly mown green grass accompanied by the sight of brightly blooming annuals in the garden.

6.  Baby giggles.

7.  Brilliant blue skies ~ and the sound of USAFA Thunderbirds booming overhead.

8.  Time to think…and process…and think.

9.  Toast.

…and best of all…

10.  This guy:



Absolutely THE MOST fabulous part of my moments, days, weeks, years, and my life!

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