I often times enjoy perusing through the archives of my favorite online dictionary, simply for the pure joy and expectation of learning and absorbing new words, language, and even experiences.

This week I discovered the ultimate in long lost dictionary blogs: 10 Merry Words for Happiness.

1.  Happiness: pleasure derived from attaining what you consider to be good.


2.  Mirth: jollity, especially when accompanied by laughter.  (I think this one might be my favorite).

3.  Joy: he emotion of great delight caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.  (This could be a close second).


4.  Bliss: supreme happiness, often associated with the joy of heaven.  (This one sounds pretty darn fantabulous too).

5.  Elation: a feeling of great joy or pride, or of exultant gladness.

6.  Glee: open delight or pleasure.

7.  Exultation: lively or triumphant joy, generally over success or victory.

8.  Euphoria: a state of intense happiness and self-confidence. (Note the self-confidence aspect!)


9.  Jubilation: a feeling or loud expression of joy, or a festive celebration.

10.  Rapture: ecstatic delight or joyful ecstasy.

Have a Merry, Happy, Blissful, and Elated weekend!

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