I’ve mentioned before how much I love the movies.  GOING to the movies – in the theater.  It proves to be an utter escape.  Surrounded by the captivating images, sounds, and beyond reality of a dark theater, encapsulated in the moments of drama, suspense, and emotion of the cinema is truly fabulous.

As Oscar season is upon us, I’m drawn to the theater a bit more these days, curious to view those films that seem to be receiving the most press.
Most recently, I had the opportunity to see Lone Survivor (outstanding film), American Hustle (not my favorite, despite the tremendous cast), and Saving Mr. Banks (Mary Poppins is the BEST and Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, and Paul Giamatti are absolutely fabulous in and of themselves).  Next up on my queue: August: Osage County.

So, 10 FABULOUS feelings on this Friday with a cinematic theme:

1.  Really expensive candy – it tastes so much better when it’s over $5 ~ are you sensing the sarcasm?

photo 2

2.  Stadium seating.  Thank goodness for advances in theater seating, right?

3.  Group laughter, tears, and the overall “shared” experience.

4.  Exciting previews of what fantabulous movies are to come.

5.  Cinetopia ~ couches, food, wine, and more!  True movie luxury.  WOW!

6.  Track lighting on the floor.  I’m pretty easy to please.

7.  Extras at the end of the movies – be sure to stay through the credits these days.


8.  Arm rests that raise – the full-on couch experience.  As Napoleon Dynamite would say, “yes!”

9.  Squinty eyes when you come out of the dark theater.

10.  After movie discussions – reliving favorite moments and quotes – this part is really fabulous!

photo 1

Enjoy the movies.  Savor the two hours of bliss as the world stops around you.

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