Portland cloudy sky

No, no.  Not the popular romance novel.  I do have higher standards than that – oooohhh, I hope I didn’t offend anyone with that.  It simply is, though, that I prefer formal literature when devoting my time to the written word.  These days I don’t spend much time reading (oh how I wish I had a few more spare hours, free of the to-list thoughts in my head); but in the moments I do have, I choose, and always have, musings of classic literary standards.

The fifty shades in my cataloged mind refer to the skies of the PNW.  I’ve mentioned before that I am certainly tired of the rain.  I enjoy big, soaking rain storms on occasion, but have grown weary of the day to day mist and drizzle.  The sky, though, is downright gorgeous much of the time.  I do miss the sunshine, but the subtle softness of the grey is somewhat intoxicating at times.  The clouds are not just grey or dark, but fifty to even one hundred shades of grey all at once.  Staring outside and up above is breathtaking and rather interestingly intricate.  Light grey, dark grey, blue-grey, purple-grey, lavender…all the hues are there, forming a beautiful painting of whispy shapes and formations.  Gorgeous.


**Astonishing and amazing photo credited to @treblezone.  Thank you, my friend!

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